Picture Pockets
Medium 5 Pack (22 photos in 11 pockets)
Multi 5 Pack (save £3)

Our medium size Picture Pocket for when you have a little less hanging space - these inexpensive photo holders display pictures in a way that allows for, and even inspires, frequent changes. No removing the backs of frames and affixing photos just so. No delicate handling involving glass. Instead, a collection of pockets into which even young children can place their favorite photos - and change them - over and over again. Perfect for show-and-tell, for a child's very own photo collection, for children in the hospital, for nursing homes, for nurseries, kitchens and bedrooms and for every room in the house.

Picture Pockets Size CBut wait! There's more to these than a mere holder for photos! A child can display small art projects in each pocket; your family can cut out magazine pictures of things that begin with "A" and "B", etc. and create your own little alphabet art project. Or you could make your own "viewing tray," a personalized collection of pretty visuals for your baby's eyes to delight in. The possibilities are truly endless - there is nothing quite so inexpensive, convenient and with the capacity to display so many photos at one time.

"where there is a little less room to hang..."
Takes std photos 4"x 6" (10cm x 15cm)
22 photos in 11 pockets
Dimensions when unpacked: 13.5" x 25" (34cm x 64cm)
Weight: 126g
(Ages: All Ages.)

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