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Display your postcard collection
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Do you collect postcards?  Perhaps you have a specialist hobby and need to display related postcards?  Do you enjoy looking at your holiday postcards? 
Don't keep them in drawers or albums!  Display them for all to see!
These Postcard Pockets will hold your precious collections safely, neatly and simply, in inexpensive pvc hanging galleries.
(Depending on the thickness of your cards, you may even be able to slip two cards back to back and so, by turning the Gallery around, you will be able to display double the amount of postcards in each!)
You have a choice of holders (taking std postcards 4"x 6" (10cm x 15cm))
Large Postcard Pockets (holds 20 postcards in both landscape and portrait format)
Dimensions: 21.5" x 28" (55cm x 71cm)
Weight: 223g 
 Large 20 Postcard Pockets
Medium Postcard Pockets (holds 11 postcards in both landscape and portrait format)
Dimension : 13.5" x 25" (34cm x 64cm)
Weight: 126g

Medium 11 Postcard Pockets
Portrait Postcard Pockets (holds 20 postcards in just portrait format)
Dimensions: 18" x 32" (45cm x 81cm)
Weight: 225g

Portrait 20 Postcard Pockets

Landscape Postcard Pockets (holds 18 postcards in just landscape format)
Dimensions: 19.5" x 26" (49cm x 66cm)
Weight: 225g

Landscape 18 Postcard Pockets Suitable for all ages. 

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Medium 11 Postcard Pockets £5.99 Order
Portrait 20 Postcard Pockets £9.99 Order
Landscape 18 Postcard Pockets £9.99 Order
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